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tv   [untitled]    June 10, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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tower they gave us the authority to spend it. without their support we wouldn't be here today. i also want to recognize my department staff and some of the partners in this project first of all, our property management team working with our coit tower vendor this project received unanimous support from the board of supervisors and it's the hard and scompleks structure our capital planning team don and mac and others ceo tran and his team a very, very special shout out to our partners the san francisco arts commission tom you'll hear from him and worked closely with the architecture group to restore this project
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and tom there are plenty of stories of departments not working well together and city agencies knocking heads but the partnership we have is a model for 21st century government to return it to its glory our hard working staff exacting taylor with his staff that worked hard to spruce up the grounds and mississippi low and tim and all our 2 61 apprentices. i really want to thank the planning commission cindy wu and the entire staff for their expertise and last but not least we want to thank the neighbors john for the advocacy for the
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building (clapping) but is special shout out to the finances of pioneers park julie christian son thank you for your tireless advocacy to make this place worth and we're just thrilled i can't wait for you to see it and cheers to san francisco. cheers (clapping.) we're getting close this side of the aisle the bride side it hot the grammar side cooler but the honoree the president charles with us today and thank him for his continuing to nurture the arts coming to san francisco
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(clapping) and speaking of being challenges the art commission has the responsibility for lots of public art in san francisco i want you to welcome the arts commissioner tom (clapping.) well, good afternoon it's a hot one so i will try to be brief so we can get into the shade welcome this is an incredible day in san francisco i wanted to start with everybody who has champed the coit tower and the murals it's an incredible day when you go inside look at the conservatism team what they've done it's absolutely stunning so i'm going to share a little bit about people we have to recognize today on behalf of the
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arts commission i want to thank ann rosenthal and james and jeremy a who has spent the last several months examining the murals and before we applaud them they are the same group that worked on the murals in 1989 we're lucky to have the team that did the painstakingly reorganization and i appreciate the coverage in the media so have the world-class conservation folks working on this restoration let's give ann and the team a hand (clapping) i still mentioned as part of the recreation discovered a that frame in the ceiling you'll
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notice that for the first time this is the change in art and it's a great example of that also the suitcase in addition, the murals has full kwefrm it makes the beauty of this murals that tell the history of our city and the roll the artists play and telling the stores of our human shared experience. with that, i want to give a shout out to ar g conservation services they've been an incredible partner around the city this team includes many folks they've all begun above and beyond so thank you so much (clapping) next, i just want to echo what
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bill said that's an incredible partnership and incredible player to work with rec and park we have a tall order in the city koirtd is an amazing assets and the rec and park share with us this is a great example of what we do the music and the mothers building and zoo there are amazing you culture assets and to the team in caring for the partnerships and the board of supervisors and mayor to comment capital dollars is absolutely critical so thank you bill and to the board and mayor for this incredible asset to our city (clapping) and because we can't do it alone i want to thank who generously
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awarded $10 million for the historic recreation as well as the signage it is new and will help the history behind the with work work are that i want to say bank of america awarded previous entrapments to the historic treasurers around the world. those treasures included the wing vindicate and maenl and determining river and west minister abby this gift helps elevate the treasures to the elevation they deserve particularly today, i want to thank michelle from the bank of america team thank you for helping to raise this private
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side of the partnership and bringing attention to the assets. speaking of finance i want to thank heather smith a scholar affiliated with the living deal project for divorcing time for the signage for the first time each mural is accompanied by the window into the past to bring to life heather's word this is the combanlt to bring it to a museum caliber and we are grateful to heather for his work (clapping) so speaking the people who made this possible we have to honor the decendents of the coit tower folks two of whom are depishthd in the mural. ruth over here (clapping)
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some of you my may know ruth is depriktd picketed in the library mural >> thank you for being here to celebrate woody allen with us and the son added god at the scene is here and the daughter of otis alongside of hercy in the elevator lobby thank you for you for being here you can read about her in the chronicle and bruce from the puppeteer from seattle thank you for coming down (clapping) over the years i've had the bring to join the arts commission and get to know the incredible works when i was a committing candidate for the job you'll notice the arts commission weakens from a deep sleep it's an honor to work
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within an incredible team thank you to the arts commission first our citizen register alison who's been up her daily where's alison thank you including the arts team members jen crane and marcus definite yes, sir. and our director of the art program susan and kate patterson and all the members of the team at the arts commission our developer who worked with bank of america and a tricky the number of our staff thank you for your hard work everyday and two commissioners rebecca and our vice president thank you for your work everyday and i wanted to take a moment to thank
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another mural i thought i forgot sorry give me one second. i wanted to note somebody we've lost who couldn't be here unfortunately, we lost ruth's sister an author on the coit tower but in here how were you we celebrate the incredible restoration (clapping) so with that, thank you very much for coming and trying to keep cool and we landmark to welcoming you inside. thank you very much (clapping.) before i introduce the next speaker i want to remind you that the firmer are hosting us in in front of the building i want everybody to go around the corner after we cut the ribbon
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it's interesting the murals you'll see the washgs families of san francisco the men and women who built the fabulous city so it's fitting we saved our best for the last a man who was trying to put more jobs in the marketplace and trying to build the sustainable committee our fabulous mayor, mayor ed lee (clapping.) thank you mark for your wonderful work and the rec and park department good afternoon it's great to be here at coit tower i've learned carefully while i'm late an $8 billion contract we've got to spend time to balance it out so i do want to several say thank you from
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the community representatives to the artists the mural restorations to rec and park commission staff and the art commission and the wonderful artists who've gathered to honor with lilly hitchcock coit that started to pay contributed to the sacrifices and the city a what it's all about i want to say thank you. again we have another opportunity in june to further that contribute by restoring our water. system with our firefighters and police department we continue to do that with prop a but today is about this wonderful tower i was reminded how everything came together whether the money or artists or the planning with the activists with the blending of a
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great small business that would operate here and balance that out and try to make sure that people have an experience with the restoration of the elevators i know it was a relatively easy conversation with the board of supervisors particularly with leader supervisor chiu because i only reminded them of a place to it can our significant others to get hitched my once this became the iconic symbol it was very sees easy to convince everyone you know what i'm talking about coit tower is special because probable one of the most beautiful sightings every convention visitor want to say find out what's happening and with the event we don't want to
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distributor the sensitive neighborhood people have made significant environmentalists and honor the balance with a great vendor but also the restoration it is so important. those are historic lieshgdz in the city they mean something to generations of people we have the privilege of reintroducing them to kids and generations of our own when you look at the murals you'll understand what it is that history is delicate and important a remembered of the great depression but the diversity of the west coast and san francisco we need to deliver those stories again and again so it's my privilege to hip of help kickoff the restoration and, of course, celebrating this with a free ride through i love going
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up the stairs it's a free elevator ride today, it's a rare opportunity eyes e otherwise it's going to cost you 7 bucks you think today is a wonderful celebration there's so many to celebrate for this landmark and continue to be a landmark and when you're coming from the east side of bay north side or on the water or from our roads along the city you'll be looking at this great coit tower we need to remind people ate a vast community effort that comes into play that's lead by the honoring of coit and the families history but you taller than and honor everyone else a that's made this city a great city now that norman has blessed this places
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let's cut the ribbon and welcome everyone to this wonderful restoration thank you for being here today (clapping.) we'll be cutting the ribbon gown down in front and lunch on the other side >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. >> yeah. (clapping) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> meeting is called to order at 5:37 p.m., we will conduct the roll call, commissioner adams? >> here. >> commissioner dooley >> here. commissioner riley. >> here. >> and tour-sarkissi a. >> correction, they communicated that they will be arriving late. >> okay, thank you. >> item two, general public comment. general public comment is for this item and all other public comment period during the meeting is limited to three minutes per speaker.
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please, deliver the speaker cards. >> do we have a member of the public that would like to make a comment on any items that is not on today's agenda? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. next item please. >> approval of the april, 28, 2014 regular meeting minutes, this is an action ilt em.item >> i move. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> the motion passes, four in favor and none opposed. takes us to item four, presentation on the status of san francisco on-line business portal development this is a discussion item. and we have jane dom from the department of technology to provide a staff report. >> check, check. thank you so much for having me. and i am really excited to be back, this is familiar territory, i get to see so many
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familiar face and welcome commissioner tour-sarkissian. and i am here to give you an update on the san francisco business portal, this is a project that i have been working on for the last six months and really excited to show you the progress that we made. the first couple of slides i am going to go through, for some of you it will be a little bit of a review from our commission retreat. but for a few others, this is a good place to start to sort of catch you up on what we have been up to. first i officially moved over from the office of small business, into the department of technology, at the end of november to lead the business, portal team and on december 23rd, we were fortunate enough to hire angel quiksy who is the first team member, and january 6th is when we tried to expedite the rfp process and expedite in quotes i will put. and so we were able to hire a
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professional services vendor to help us complete the project and on february 18th. we brought on the second team member, jason hemerly we began the project with our goal, and i call it the bag, which is a big audasious goal and the goal was to create the first stop for everything business in san francisco and a comprehensive business portal that supports businesses in san francisco, from their inception through their growth. and we are helping our entrepreneurs during their entire life cycle of their business. we had a really good opportunity here because we wanted to create a compelling customer experience across city departments. to really demonstrate that san francisco is a business-friendly place and that we really care about the success of our business owners in the city. the business portal is the first important step in that
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direction. and we conducted our user experience of user interface research, we were able to conduct primary and secondary research. and so the research, we visited our interviewees, and we interviewed people and had work sessions with the city department and members of the small business community and we investigated what information constituents need and seek and what operations they need to perform and how they are processed to plan, start and grow a business in the city can be improved. so during the research, our professional services firm conducted interviews of actually myself because i was previously a business counselor in the office of small business, as well as martha, and we did i am pretty sure it was over 6 dollars and let's say $4 to $6, we did intense
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interview sessions where we sat down and went through the entire process of what the business counselor does when the business owners came into the office of small business and we conducted a group of 20 internal stake holders and these are 20 people from nine different city departments who came together for three hours and we did this extensive research workshop and we had everyone discuss the types of service these provide and ways that we can all work together to improve that service. and we also held a workshop with three members of the mayor's small business advisory committee. as you can see, that is scott right there in that picture. and i believe that henry, carnila was part of that as well and that was at 90-minute group interview. and what was really important for us was to create and conduct the qualitative research with 9 different small business owners at different phases of starting or owning their business and the business owners feedback was really
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important to understand the challenges that they had, throughout their journey of owning a business in san francisco. we also audited over 100 sites and so we looked at current cities, and state and federal business portals and on-line resources and looked at other u.s. cities and state portal and looked at non-governmental experiences and societies important to get a good, wide, range of different sites and portal to look at. and we also studied the osb survey that regina conducted last year with all of the service providers and our internal city departments so all of this information, led us to our research, research, findings. what you see here is the customer journey map, what we were able to determine is that customers as they go through the process of starting and growing their business in san
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francisco, really went through three key stages, consider and prepare and set up and establish the business and finally they tried to maintain and grow the business. and we will identify the key activities as they went through each phase and they looked at the process and what you see is that in the first phase and consider and prepare and it is really more of a linear process. and that experience we looked at was very enjoyable. but also, difficult. and as they moved into the set up and the established phase, the enjoybility really decreased because it is so complex, we have so many owners and regulations over the business owners for them to start. and it became a lot more difficult. and that is where you see the representation of this, i call it the infinity loop, because it is not a linear process any more and people are going around to different city departments, they are searching through the different web sites
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and looking at various resources in order to get through this set up and established period and as they get through that, those that are successful will then maintain and grow their business, and again, there is a lot of opportunity to provide resources to help them through that part of the journey and the enjoybility goes up and the difficulty is still there. we looked at the key departments that are involved throughout this process and identified of the different city departments and resources that will help us throughout the building of the portal. >> we came up with design principal and we want to do the right thing and we want to kurate the content and make it accessible and we want to treat our constituents as customers. dull out the light, which is an
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obvious one and let's make this enjoyable and fun and we want to increase trust. and really if you think about it, these principles are not just for building a portal, these are principles that we can apply throughout the entire city government as we deliver services to our constituents. >> the next step is to create the site map what you see in front of you is an early version of the site map, where we are now and it is a much larger picture and so i didn't want to over burden you with a lot of, a long piece of information, but, the site map as you see it, is when we started to map out what the portal will look like and the different sections and the different, heading pages and the subpages, and all of the details ta go through it, and from that we produce the require frames, it is a visual representation of the website.
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and there is simple line drawings to present the proposed functionality and the structure and content and with the wire frames, every little detail where to place things, and where the information goes, and every little detail was discussed, and yeah, we put a lot of effort into thinking it through to make sure that this really makes sense to the user. we went into the content development and we researched and composed content for over 29 city department and we had 300 plus state and local forms and 15 plus city ordinances with over 100 business resources. as of last thursday, 22 pages of content written over 20,000 words and we created ten
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business guides, 428 permits were researched and sorted and we this is not like creating a website to the place where the people poured over the content from the design we really had to start from scratch and we did the research with the different departments and the city and state and federal and we took that information and we were so conscious of making sure that we wrote the contract and the most easy in the most understood way to translate the information to different languages and that it is still translatable. and so a lot of thought was put into this. i give you the preview, the data launch date will be september of this year and what you are seeing here is the click preview of the design of
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the home page. when everything was ready, i would love to have the opportunity to come back and do a demo for you guys to show you the detailed functionality of each page, and each piece. and but what you see here, is the design of our home page, and where we will have a start your business section, and manage your business, grow your business, permits and licenses, and where you can searching for the forms with explanations. and the different resources, so all of the content that i spoke of earlier, well, it will all be in this portal. and i want to tell you about the fiscal, 13, 14, key initiative and since it will be not be launched until september, we will get the first quarter building up a site and building up the site and doing the user testing. >> as we complete the launch and it is not going to be finished we are going to nt